Meet Our Staff

Amrinder Singh

Amrinder Singh is an active member in the North American Bhangra circut. He has received formal training from the legendary Dhol master, Ustad Lal Chand Bhatti now known as Lal Singh Bhatti. Amrinder has spent over 18 years learning the folk dances of Punjab as well as learning to play the Dhol from Ustad Lal Chand Bhatti.
Before Lal Chand Bhatti became Amrinder's Guru, Amrinder went to India in 1992 when he first played dhol alongside the legand Ustad Seva Ram Ji, from there his passion for Dhol and Bhangra developed. Following his trip in 1992, he then returned to India learning from many Ustads such as Ustad Mali Ram, Ustad Kastori Lal, and Ustad Ravi Dana. After encountering many Ustads in India, it was time for Amrinder to choose the one to learn from and become his shigird(disciple).  In 2003 Amrinder made his decision on making a trip to California where he would spend the summer with Ustad Bhatti. That summer, his spiritual journey began with Ustadji as he discovered the true roots of our folk culture.
In 2004, Amrinder joins his first competitive bhangra team called Pyare Putt Anikely. Shortly after joining PPA, Amrinder was asked to play dhol for Virginia Commonwealth University Bhangra team. After completing his long competitive bhangra career from 2004-2010, Amrinder decides that his drive for bhangra has just begun. 

Tina Singh

Tina is a co-founder of DCMPAA. Her love for bhangra began at a very young age and has continued throughout her adult life. Aside of teaching at Ashburn and Elkridge, Tina handles the administrative side of the business. She coordinates performances, competitions, and takes care of the registration process for each individual student.


Her favorite part of being on the DCMPAA team is being around so many smiles all weekend long! 

Gurpreet Singh

Student of living legend Ustad Ravi Dana, Gurpreet has a unique style playing dhol and doing bhangra. Gurpreet has a gift and ability to be able to play classical tabla like rhythms on dhol but the grace and josh(inner happiness) when doing bhangra.


In 2010 Gurpreet took his first trip to India to learn Dhol from Ustad Ravi Dana. When in India he picked up on odd classical and folk style on dhol as well as learned bhangra from some of Ludhianas best dancers. Today Gurpreet coaches at DCMPAA leading to his first victory in 2011 at Bhangra in the Burgh Bhangra competition. 

Ajay Singh

Ajay plays many different roles when it comes to DCMPAA. From leading both the Germantown and Potomac acadmies to marketing and social media, Ajay can be found trying to make the best out of each students experience. From a young age, he has been passionate about his culture and roots, ultimately striving to keep the culture alive and being able to engage the community is what Ajay loves most about the academy!